Our patent services:

Invention harvesting

It is easy to overlook the inventive output of even a small research department. We can come and talk to your researchers, to ensure that all useful IP you generate is suitably protected. It's not always the right decision to patent everything you do, but having an informed opinion is a valuable thing. Remember, that to take advantage of the HMRC's Patent Box scheme, a patent that covers even a small component of your product may be sufficient to get the 10% corporation tax benefits that the scheme provides.

Patent drafting, filing and prosecution

We specialise in UK and European filings, and can also file elsewhere via a network of foreign associates. We also have significant experience with the prosecution process (i.e. the job of getting the patent granted once the application has been filed) in many different countries. We offer fixed rate charging, so that costs to your business are more predictable and easier to manage.

Freelance Services

If your own IP department could use some temporary attorney time then we can help. Alan Clarke is available for freelance activities, particularly patent drafting, and prosecution work, with rates chargeable hourly, daily or weekly. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Infringement and Validity Analysis

If you are concerned about any patents owned by a competitor company, then we can advise on potential patent infringement issues, and also on the validity and scope of any patents.

Private Inventors

We provide advice and support to private inventors and innovators, to help protect your IP, to give you the upper hand if you are seeking funding to take your idea further. The "Dragons" who supply venture capital funding are always keen to see the ideas they support fully protected.