Clarke IP Ltd

Please note the new address and telephone number, valid as of December 2015.

Who we are

Clarke IP Ltd is a new West Midlands based Intellectual Property practice specialising in patent related matters. Situated in Worcester, UK, we offer a range of services, from invention mining, patent drafting and prosecution, and infringement and validity analysis. We also provide other services such as advice relating to, and filing of, registered designs, and trade marks.

If you've had a great idea and want to find out how to protect it, then Clarke IP can help. If your business has been developing new products or processes and you want to maximise the potential in your intellectual investment, then please get in touch.

If you are an SME who would like to take advantage of the new HMRC Patent Box scheme to reduce your corporation tax burden, then we can help with patent mining and filing, and with speeding up the examination process to get quick grant.

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Alan Clarke, principal and Patent Attorney at Clarke IP is also available on a freelance basis, and can provide freelance patent attorney services to cover for temporarily increased workloads etc. Freelance rates can be hourly, daily or longer, to suit your requirement. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

Technical Areas

Our technical specialisms include electronics, radio communications and radar, signal processing, optics and imaging, sensors, medical devices and mechanics, amongst others.

Illuminated fibres

* The bicycle image at the top of the page is taken from a patent filed in 1890, for a bicycle with a variable gear ratio.